Marketing automation facilitates the generation of marketing insights and other useful information from data obtained in each interaction with every customer: from online campaigns, website usage and navigation, collection and tracking of leads and sales, smart use of media tools, email marketing, connection to CRM / telemarketing / purchasing systems, and more.

Using this data, it’s possible to categorize potential and existing customers into segments and approach them with the relevant data in the best possible way using the right channels, the most appropriate language and at the right time.

What’s in it for you?

  • More efficient marketing and better data management.
  • Reduced media costs.
  • More revenue from every customer.

When does it make sense to use marketing automation?

E-commerce Sites

Identifying new customers, customer retention, growing shopping carts.

Loyalty Programs

Increasing revenue from customers and maximizing sales potential.

Customer Enrollment

Improving the quality and quantity of leads and sales.

good results



Growth in vehicle insurance sales among visitors to company website.



Increase in the number of registrants in an international competition based on a digitized registration process.


Growth in identifiable data of brand customers over 6 months.

Interested in incorporating marketing automation in your marketing work?

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