Raising awareness and demand for the familiar and loved Corolla model by Toyota clients in Israel. The challenge was to provide news and raise interest around an existing model, and generate differentiation that would be a consideration for the 35-65 year-old target audience.


The Differentiation

A semi-autonomous safety system developed by the manufacturer and launched for the first time in Israel in a family vehicle.

The Challenge

Launching a complex technology to the public using a sharp and clear message. Due to the complexity of technology, it was necessary to think of a creative solution to convey the message to the target audience.

The Media

Using Facebook's reach & frequency tools, we produced a series of 4 videos that showcase the technology as a story. Each video presents a different feature of the system, and all of them together create a holistic experience that manages to creatively convey the complex message.

Target Audiences

New audiences aged 35-65 + visitors to Toyota's website voted by Facebook pixel + data from CRM systems on customers who expressed interest in the car during the 6 months prior to the campaign.

THE Results


The results of the campaign proved that the strategy was successful and reached the required targets:


Increase in advertising awareness


Increase in intention to buy


Better results compared to category awareness studies

*** Data from Brand Lift survey, courtesy of Facebook Israel in collaboration with Nielsen.

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