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Digital marketing management requires a team of professionals. Experts from all across the digital marketing world gather around the table to plan and manage a customer journey for you based on media, data, creative and technology.
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Reaching the target audience at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message requires professionalism based on meticulous media planning that covers every last detail.
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Using the most advanced tools, we monitor and manage consumer activity through digital interfaces and at actual points of sale, in order to reach business conclusions and help you create an accurate marketing strategy that will meet new sales targets.
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Technology and Development

Developing the digital tools suitable for your needs and capable of providing fast, effective and accurate responses to your customers.
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Strategy & Creative

Extracting insights from data, articulating the best ideas and presenting the final results as part of the digital tools that focus on your target audience.
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Ofer Praver, VP Marketing, Excellence Group

" The road to success is paved with innovative, market-leading steps. You provide long-term, strategic thinking combined with the tactics for immediate implementation based on an innovative, creative approach focused on target audiences. The secret of digital marketing success lies in the smart management of media budgets across various platforms. With you, we are able to execute strategic moves to achieve our business goals while maximizing our..."
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Miri Mesilati, Technology & Analytics Director, MediLink

" One of the most important things for us in our work with atomi is their availability and real-time response to our marketing needs. The creative products they develop are innovative and convey our messages in a fresh, unconventional, interesting and motivating way. As a leading pharmaceutical e-commerce site, we are committed to providing our customers with quality, fast and responsive service, and that’s what we expect of our suppliers!..."
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Eitan Weizman, VP Marketing, The Phoenix

" We’ve been working with atomi since 2014, and for good reason. Their teams are professional and provide added value in every digital field, and work together with our steering and brainstorming teams in our daily work at Phoenix. Together with atomi, we succeed in realizing our strategic goals, growing our sales, better understanding the customer journey in our digital assets, and advancing marketing automation...."
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Ro’ee Herhsy, Director, Manufacturing Divisions Applications, Bank Leumi

" We work with atomi on internal organizational systems. Our work together enables us to generate real innovation in everything related to the bank’s conduct. From the planning, design and development of web systems to the provision of creative solutions for applications, focus is always on a positive, user-friendly experience, according to the target audience of the bank’s employees. In our work together, we enjoy the fact that almost no..."
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Yariv Steif, Business Development Director, Bosch-Siemens

" Together with atomi, we’re leading BSH to a technological future based on automation and direct, personal communications with our customers. We were delighted to see how successful the data collection, management, and segmentation process was, thanks to the professional team working with us. Together, we have been able to reach our end customers for the first time, without the mediation of marketing networks. Using the marketing automation..."
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Amit Gam, Digital Director, Excellence Group

" Choosing a digital marketing agency is not an obvious process. The selected agency must have a real feel for the brand and also be able to provide solutions for every digital need, including data management, analytics and IT challenges. Our choice of atomi as our strategic partner in our journey to lead the finance industry in the digital world is proving successful. The professional and dedicated team that accompanies us day and night, weekends..."
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