More than just likes

Stories, likes, engagement, followers, shares, comments, CTR, carousels, pixels, reach, community, and more are words commonly-used on an everyday basis even when the conversation isn’t about social media. Advertising and marketing in social media changes from minute to minute, at a dizzying speed. New components appear every week, every day sees new viral trends that expire almost before we have a chance to blink, and every other post has the potential to create a crisis or be a megahit. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other platforms all have their own rules, user groups, tools and language. Only in-depth, thorough familiarity with each media enables accurate use, reaching the right audience for the product/brand and catching the attention of web surfers.

Today, social media is at the forefront of the work of many organizations that understand the inherent potential of the correct management of digital assets. But the management of a social media page is much more than the uploading of posts and the receipt of likes from the target audience. Social media is an excellent source for learning about target audiences and providing them with a range of opportunities. Working correctly in social media can provide answers to many questions, such as:

What does the target audience think of the organization?
Are our messages being received correctly?
How is it possible to recruit appropriate employees?
How can organization successes be leveraged to establish reputation and generate new business opportunities?

Furthermore, it’s no secret that in today’s reality, media crises are largely funneled through social media. Consequently, it’s important that these assets be managed by an experienced agency that knows how to navigate the digital world.


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