A great website is one that, first and foremost, meets the needs of your customers. Its design, language and content must all support this goal. When we develop a new website, we start with comprehensive, strategic work that incorporates business thinking, in-depth and advanced research on user behavior and  identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the product/service. Only after this stage do we switch to actual execution.

In the characterization stages, we pay special attention to the user experience, in order to build the data architecture, navigation and operation principles, and flow charts. We then build an initial prototype website that presents the guidelines for the interface design logic, sizes, locations, behaviors, and more.

Only after performing the preliminary stages do we address the design concept, the detailed characterization, the writing of content and the microcopy for the entire interface, as well as the technical development.

Atomi’s development team specializes in the development of web and mobile app solutions using advanced technologies such as WordPress, Angular, Node.JS, Express, Polymer, Cordova and MongoDB.

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