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Reaching the audience is one thing. Reaching the audience focused, at the right time and with the most relevant offer requires professionals. Today, digital media offers countless ways to achieve goals, but only smart planning will get you to your goals at minimum cost and in record time.

In our Media Planning & Management Department, we first conduct an in-depth study of the real need for the campaign. Before starting a campaign with any client, old or new, we run a preliminary process that includes an in-depth understanding of the needs, expectations and desired end result. After receiving an accurate brief prepared in full cooperation with the client, we select the appropriate platform to present the campaign to the target audience, according to the budget and goals.

Media planning is an inseparable part of identifying the target audience and its common denominators with the brand, until contact is made with the consumer. Each step is measured by different success criteria. Over the years, we’ve become experts at identifying client needs and today, we know how to create the right mix that includes advertising through diverse media such as Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, YouTube, DV360 and Google.

Once a campaign is online, we accurately monitor, track and analyze the results, accompanying our clients throughout their journey. That’s because we believe that mutual success can only be achieved through complete trust and partnership.


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