real value

The digital world is laden with advertising platforms, from Google ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to banners, videos, content and more. But many people surfing the web still reach websites organically, using search engines. They are considered the most worthwhile and quality surfers for any business, irrespective of size, because they are usually the people closest to the decision-making stage in the surfer conversion funnel. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the organic promotion of websites – continues to be the most valuable channel in the digital marketing mix, with one of the highest cost-benefit ratios in the field of marketing.

In 2018, SEO faced many challenges and was forced to reinvent itself. It’s no longer the promotion of general words and key expressions, but a real effort to achieve relevance for surfers and also for the search engines themselves. At atomi, we see SEO as an inseparable part of inbound marketing strategies seeking to strengthen websites, make them relevant to surfer searches, and increase their organic presence and exposure in search engines.

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